Literary Festival 2019

Day 1 Highlights

Hear Mimi's Keynote today
at 11am ET

Mimi Gough began her teaching career in higher education over twenty-seven years ago. She currently is a faculty member in the School of Business and IT for Purdue University Global. She has received several awards for her dedication to students including the Faculty Excellence Award in June 2015 and again in June 2017.


Mimi’s passion for writing began when she was a teenage reporter for the local paper and was reinforced during her undergraduate years as a history major. More recently, she has combined her love of writing, history and travel into special articles appearing in the Sunday edition of the newspaper.


In April 2018, her memoir From Fledging to Flyer was published. The book showcases letters that her late father left behind, sharing his WWII story from enlistment to trained bombardier in the South Pacific. While reading his letters, she begins to better understand the young man he was and the father he became to her. Although he died when she was only 14 years old, her vivid memories of his spirited love of life and for her help her begin to realize how much he has influenced her life and been with her all along. For more information, visit

Day 2 Highlights

Hear Sara's Keynote today
at 11am ET

Sara Wink has been writing all her life, from picture books for preschool to a screenplay for her Masters in Fine Arts. Nowadays she blogs and writes under the pen name Jean Lee at


Her serialized novel Middler's Pride can be found at the literary subscription site, and her debut novel Fallen Princeborn: Stolen (Aionios Books) is currently on sale at Amazon.


She also published the short story collection Tales of the River Vine, which has been a best-seller in Free YA Monster fiction since November. She currently teaches composition for Purdue University Global and lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three children.